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All the materials on this site and the Live education events, the contents covered, the technical forecasts and strategies do not in any way constitute invitations, reminders or investment advice or consultancy on investment matters but represent exclusively personal thoughts and opinions. of the authors on the topic covered. They are displayed and must be understood for purely informative, didactic and educational purposes.

Nor are they standardized recommendations addressed to the general public.

However, they replicate some characteristics of the latter, given that the type of message:


it is not personalized as it is not provided "ad personam"

it is not presented as suitable for a specific person


The authors do not know any information relating to the personal characteristics of the users connected to this channel, especially income flows, ability to bear losses, asset consistency and financial situation, knowledge and experiences, psychological condition, time horizon and investment objectives.

The participant/user/viewer is advised NOT to take positions or carry out operations only on the basis of analyzes possibly proposed for educational and illustrative purposes by the authors which are not presented with any implicit or explicit guarantee. If this occurs, the participant does so under his sole and total responsibility.

You therefore exonerate all liability to anyone participating in this live education event or site for any loss, liability, cost, claim, disbursement, damage or otherwise, whether direct or indirect, including negligence, arising out of any attempt to implement a operations consistent with any analyzes proposed.

Participants must be aware that trading in the financial markets is a complex activity, which requires a high level of preparation and involves a high risk of losing their capital.

In particular, it is advisable NOT to undertake any operation to those who believe they can use their money without risk by operating on the financial markets, expecting a consistently positive result.

Although all the information presented is the result of years of study and in-depth research and presented in good faith, the Author does not guarantee the total correctness, completeness and absolute currency of the information.

The replicability of the technical and/or economic results possibly described is not guaranteed in any way.

Past performance is also no guarantee of future performance.

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