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Come down to Trench Live with us, in front of the markets in real-time

And become autonomous and disciplined in a few months

Watch the explanatory video now

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Come down to Trench Live with us, in front of the markets in real-time

And it becomes autonomous and disciplined in a few months

Watch the explanatory video now

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our offer





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page index

1. The importance and benefits of the Live approach

2. Why Morpheus chooses the Live approach

3. So is it a Copy Trading / Signal Room?

4. Choose the strategy that's right for you

5. The secret to solving problems of Emotionality, Uncertainty and Discipline

6. bonus:

7. student results and feedback

8. f.a.q.

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The importance and benefits of the live approach

Our greatest concern is that in the Live Trench NO ONE is left behind:


The concepts are explained in depth and detail, and the trainers make sure that all students have fully understood the topic covered.

Continuous support

The trainers are always available to re-explain a concept for those who have not understood it and, to give even more value to the students, they always dedicate additional time to the lesson, NEVER limiting themselves to just doing an hour of live lessons.

Furthermore, through Live Chat you can have:

Direct contact with the Trainers in Real-Time

Correction and revision of your Market Analysis

Advice on how to optimize vision and practical techniques to improve it

Immediate resolution of all doubts and perplexities

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why morpheus chooses the live approach

The morpheus team has been committed to bringing a higher level of quality training for years now.

We have revolutionized the Italian panorama of trading training which has always offered pre-recorded courses sold with false promises and using not very ethical levers...

Those who have been following us for a while know it: those who promise you easy, safe earnings, without study, practice and effort... They want to scam you.

Very often they leverage your economic or family situation or guarantee that you can "generate a second income from the comfort of home", playing with your emotions and creating false expectations about this world.

We have always said it clearly:
the shortcut in trading DOES NOT EXIST!

And so we have continued until today and will continue forever, putting sellers of services of dubious validity in serious difficulty.

We were among the first in Italy to propose a live training format: why?

To help you instantly resolve doubts and uncertainties thanks to daily direct contact with the trainer and the community.

Since we started we have received a lot of positive feedback from students who, thanks to our training, have managed to achieve goals that seemed unattainable.

And even those who, for reasons of lack of discipline, were unable to reach them, still recognized how much this path has tempered and made them aware.

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but so is it a copy trading / signal room?

No, at Morpheus we have always carried this motto high:

We don't give you the fish,
we teach you how to fish!

Signal Rooms or copy trading seem like a shortcut.

And they are actually a shortcut to failure.

They give the appearance of making profits in the short term but 95% of those who use them still lose. They leave you floating with little profit around Break Even while they eat up your account with commissions.

Plus they make you dependent on a service

Our mission instead is to make traders independent.

Showcasing our approach to the markets and day-to-day trading.

In this way you will be able to create and validate from scratch a trading strategy built by you and tailored for you.

This will not only allow you to immerse yourself in an empowering environment… But also to:


To discipline yourself by establishing a good routine…

To increase your confidence by familiarizing yourself with market dynamics….

To minimize errors through feedback and quick corrections, but above all…

They allow you to become autonomous, providing you with all the tools you need to be able to replicate everything you have learned even when you are alone on the market.

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choose the strategy that
it's better for you

If you already want to start from a solid foundation for the development of your skills, in Trincea Live we provide 4 already validated strategies, suitable for every type of trader and time horizon.

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Are you a scalping-oriented trader?

Participate in Fabervaale's Live Sessions where he explains the Nasdaq Price Action Strategy in great detail

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do you prefer intra/multi-day trading?

Gianluca's Mechanical “Prop-Killer” strategy may be among the best choices for you, supported by periodic optimizations and provided together with statistical data and tolerances of the various assets.

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Do you have little time to work as a graphic designer and would you prefer a more swing approach?

No problem, we have a two-fold solution for you:

1. Macro-Fundamentals Strategy, this strategy, based on macro-economic data releases, is ideal for those who do not want or are unable to spend hours in front of graphs.

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2. Gianluca's Workers Strategy, a 100% pending order operation that takes advantage of session and liquidity imbalances. A “Set & Forget” strategy Suitable for all those who cannot stay at the graph during working hours.

The Live Trench strategies will be explained to you in detail:

At a theoretical level;

At a Practical Level with Backtesting;

Live at Open Markets

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The secret to solving problems of Emotionality, Uncertainty and Discipline

You will surely have gone outside of your trading plan, risking more than you had planned for.

Or to have doubts and uncertainties because you could not determine whether the setup respected all your "entry fees"..

Or even panic sell just because your long position quickly went into drawdown..

It's normal that in the end, after trying them all, you feel like you haven't made any progress.

And you find yourself having to face the same challenges of emotional management, risk management and your technical-analytical skills all over again.

What if there was a method to resolve the problems of uncertainty and discipline, forgetting the emotional load that deviates you from your plan and finally being able to have maximum analytical and operational tranquility?

That's why in Morpheus we prefer a mechanical approach.

Thanks to objective and verifiable criteria, you reduce the risk of subjective interpretations or decisions based on "feelings".

Furthermore, by defining the conditions for closing a losing position or protecting profits in advance, you eliminate the temptation to deviate from the plan in response to unexpected movements.

As if that weren't enough, with a clear set of rules, not only is it easier to analyze the performance of the strategy, identify areas of improvement and be able to reproduce it on different assets, but above all it is easier to achieve consistency in the long term.

What would your trading be like if you eliminated indecision and emotional stress and started having a clear method that leaves no room for doubt and makes you feel confident?

This is why you should prefer a mechanical approach.

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Hybrid Discretionary Approach

Introductory Guide to Trading with free videos by Andrea Cimi and Fabervaale. Learn the basics with our Roadmap for Newbies.

Welcome Blueprint

Welcome to the journey! Follow our detailed guide and learn step-by-step how to use Discord to connect and fully participate in our community.

Live Coaching 1 to 1 to many

Join Live trading coaching with Trainers and Students. Join the community yourself to improve your trading skills together with us.

Masterclass on Price Action

Discover the concepts in our Price Action Masterclasses. Learn the basics of trading to immediately put them into practice in our training course.

Masterclass on Mindset

Explore the Mindset Masterclass. Learn to manage trading with the winning mindset to maximize profits and financial security.

Fundamental Macro Insights

Explore Macro-Fundamental Insights with Andrea Cimi. Get the key to interpreting economic events and fully understanding the spread dynamics between expectations and data releases.


results and feedback from our students

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  • Our advice is to start from a solid foundation that you can build through the free materials you find on our YouTube channels and on the website. In any case, we will provide you with a blueprint with a roadmap to follow, if you are starting out as a novice, to best undertake this path and be able to follow the live shows.

  • Of course, each live feed can be retrieved via the user portal. You will also be able to access it once the quarter is over.

  • The strategies explained in Trincea are specifically designed for all time horizons, both for those who have little time to spend on charts and for those who want to trade by following the ad m1 session. In Trincea Live you can learn the strategy that is best for you.


    Click here and read the dedicated section to learn about the strategies we will explain.

  • 1 to 1 to many coaching is in effect live coaching, where one student per week is selected by drawing lots from among the participants. They are given the opportunity to have a conference with the trainer and ask verbally anything regarding the strategy covered: doubts, additional explanations, doing backtests together, trade correction and much more.


    While the other students will have the opportunity to ask questions and requests in chat, one of them will have the "privilege" of having direct contact with the trainer and speaking to him personally using the microphone.

  • Absolutely yes, if you know us and have already studied with us you know how much we care about our community. This is why we have thought of exclusive discounts for each of our students / ex-students.


    Click here and get in touch with an orientation tutor to find out about the discounts you can receive on the purchase of Trincea Live. (Please refer to the anchor link on the checkout form)

  • The live performances will begin on Monday 15 April. We will post the weekly schedule in advance in the dedicated section on our private Discord server.

  • Once live performances have started or registrations have ended, it will no longer be possible to make new ones. We recommend that you grab one of the available access tickets before the "FOMO" of the others makes them end up leaving you empty-handed.


    There are only 500 places available, to allow everyone complete learning that allows us to respond to chat requests without leaving anyone behind.

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